Hello there! This is a blog for those who love food, love cooking, and love eating. Here you can find interesting recipes, food stories, and information about food and health. Have an idea you would like me to explore? Let me know and I can write a blog, test out a new food, do some research into the topic, and produce something fun/helpful for you in your food adventures.

I am a pescaterian, which means I eat mostly vegetarian, though I also eat seafood every now and then. I have also become gluten free and tend to avoid most dairy products. Finally, I avoid unhealthy items and processed foods, so the recipes here will be very healthy; but I promise you that this is not a bad thing! As I have realized from gradually zoning in on healthy foods, my horizon has expanded infinitely even as I leave certain foods off my plate. I hope this blog shows you that though you may consider this type of diet restricted, it most certainly is not. Enjoy, have fun, and most importantly, buen provecho!!


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